We first got to know each other twenty years ago at high school. We knew straightaway that we were on the same wavelength and we have had a strong friendship ever since. Our first daughters were born within five years of each other and our second daughters were also born with the same age gap. In addition to our children, common interests over the years have included renovating our old houses, laying down new traditions, all manner of handicrafts, nature and animals. So in some ways maybe it wasn’t so surprising that producing a natural range of cosmetics became our joint passion in life.

We both have sensitive skin and always found it hard to find suitable skincare products. Heidi has always both produced and used natural products for her animals, the recipes for which have at least in part been passed down the generations. For her part, Essi started to develop her own skincare cream because she couldn’t find anything suitable in the shops. The result of this was an amazing product which suited us both perfectly. That cream is our oat and honey cream which is now one of our most popular products. A successful trial of the product inspired us to look further into natural raw ingredients and we gradually became more and more immersed into the exciting world of natural cosmetics. Bit by bit we started to get more requests from people we knew as to whether we had a solution to this or that skin problem. If we didn’t have it, then we started looking for it!

Nature is a very important thing for both of us. One of us lives on the banks of the River Kyrö and the other at the edge of a forest on the plains of Northern Ostrobothnia where the purest food in the world is produced. We can walk straight into nature from our back gardens and we can see the changing seasons from our windows. In doing our own cleaning and housework we have, for a long time, used cleaning products which are as environmentally friendly as possible. As a natural extension to our cosmetic range we developed our own soaps, solid shampoos, conditioners and laundry vinegar. Our products are biodegradable and don’t involve a burden to the environment.

The point came when it felt right to turn our passion for producing natural cosmetics into a business and a new career. Right from the beginning, much as ecological and chemical-free living is important to both of us, we were clear that we didn’t want to pigeonhole our products behind any individual trend. We both feel that each individual nature-friendly choice is a step towards a purer future, regardless of whether the decision to buy is motivated ecologically or just because of how the product looks. Even though the colours of our products may be fairly black and white, age and life experience have greatly reduced black and white thinking. Fiini products are aimed at everyone!

What is important to us

…honesty. People from the north of Finland are known for being straight talkers and true to their word. If we make a promise then we deliver. It’s just as important to us for our products to have an honest INCI. We want to keep our INCIs short and easy to understand. That is why you will always find a Finnish translation of our products’ raw ingredients on the label. For us, less is more. In our opinion a cream does not need to have all kinds of extra oils in it as long as you know what oil you are using and your raw ingredients are quality ones.

…naturalness. All the oils and fats used in our cosmetics are cold pressed and unpurified, meaning that all their skin-friendly qualities and natural goodness are retained. All of our raw ingredients are natural ones. We do not use any industrial preservatives, additives, perfumes or colourants in any of our products. All natural!

…purity. As far as possible we use organic products as raw ingredients. Organic raw ingredients are marked with an INCI star.

…ecology. Ecology and recycling play a key role in the planning of our packaging and the materials we use. All our creams are packaged in recyclable aluminium and glass containers. We also use recyclable cardboard in our packaging. We try to buy our raw ingredients in as large quantities as possible. They are delivered in crates without unnecessary plastic packaging. For example, our vinegar arrives in recyclable and reusable containers so that no waste is produced by them at all. The finished product is put into a glass bottle which you can then reuse however you choose until the end of its life span, at which point it can be recycled once more.

….keeping things Finnish. We use Finnish raw ingredients whenever possible. The vinegar for our laundry vinegar is produced in Finland as well as some of our oils. Finnish farming and the pure raw ingredients it produces are close to our hearts. We also work closely with local companies.

…animal welfare. None of our products or their ingredients have been tested on animals. We do not sell our products to countries which allow animal testing. Products designed for animal use are tested on our own skin before being brought into market!

We are members of the Finnish Eko Entrepreneurs Association. This means that we are committed to responsible business practice which follows ecological principles. We adhere to certain criteria relating to production, distribution, materials and packaging etc. Environmental responsibility means adhering to working methods which clearly exceed the requirements of environmental legislation and where these extra environmentally protective practices are carried out on a voluntary basis. FiiniNaturally products are genuinely environmentally responsible ones.