Our Values – What matters to us

Natural Ingredients

All the oils and fats we use in our skincare products are cold-pressed so all the valuable nutrients remain in the ingredients and there is no waste. All the ingredients are pure natural. We don’t use any artificial preservatives, additives, fragrances, or colorants.


We go the extra mile to ensure you always know what’s inside of our products. We keep the INCI as simple as possible and easy to read. You can find an explanation in English besides every INCI name.


All oils we use has been produced respectfully and without harming the nature. All the oils brought us from abroad are certified organic. 

Whenever possible we choose to use organic ingredients. Organic ingridients are marked with * in the INCIs of our products.

Ecological Packaging and Logistics

All of your cremes and balms are packaged in recyclable glass or metal jars and our cardboard boxes are made of recycled cardboard. To ensure ecological logistics we source our ingredients in large batches and without plastic wrapping. For example the vinegar arrives at our warehouse in reusable containers so there’s no unnecessary packing waste at all.

Local Production

Whenever possible we source our ingredients locally. Our laundry vinegar is produced and manufactured in Finland aswell as some of the oils we use. Local farming is truly close to our hearts and we happily cooperate with local companies.  

… Animal Welfare

All our products are cruelty-free. We do not retail our products in countries where animal testing is possible. The products meant for animals are always tested on our own skin